Frequently Asked Questions

No, not generally. However, should you attend Advanced Podiatry as part of the CDM program, you will be required to bring your GP referral letter to your initial consultation.

Yes, BUT only if you have a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referral from your GP. To be eligible you must have a chronic or terminal medical condition. You will need to discuss this with your GP to determine if you are eligible

Orthotics have the potential to assist with a variety of different conditions, however, the need for orthotics can only be accurately determined after a thorough biomechanical assessment with one of our expert podiatrists.

Yes, the majority of private health funds will provide rebates for podiatry services, provided you nominate podiatry as an extra.

Yes, DVA patients gold card holder are eligible. DVA white card holders require prior approval to determine eligibility. Both DVA gold and white card holders require a referral from their GP for the initial consulttion.

All consultations are by appointment only.

To assist us in providing you with the best possible podiatry care, it is helpful if you bring a selection of shoes that you wear on a regular basis. Additionally, please bring any referrals, x-rays or scans that you feel are relevant to your consultation.